Gift Cards/Travel Cards

VISA® Gift Cards

If it is time to celebrate, whatever the occasion, give a gift that is always well-received--money! A VISA® Gift card can be used wherever VISA debit cards are accepted and can be used on multiple purchases as long as value remains on the card.

Card details include:

  • Price: $3.50/card
  • Card is not reloadable
  • May be purchased at one of our branches; our teller will load and activate the card
  • Card is available for use 24 hours after activation
  • Card can hold any amount between $20 and $500
  • Exceptions to where the card can be used: Hotels, gas pumps, rental car companies
  • Lost or stolen cards may be replaced

VISA® Travel Cards

The VISA® Travel Card is a card with the safety of a traveler's check but with the convenience of a VISA® card. These cards allow you to have access to cash worldwide in local currencies and the ability to reload your card online from anywhere. Cards are accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.

VISA® Travel Cards are a safer and more convenient way to carry cash while traveling. If your card is lost or stolen, the balance is returned. Cards also come with FREE cardholder enhancements through VISA, please check online or disclosures included with card for details.

Everything you'll need to know about the VISA® TravelMoney Card:

  • Price: $5.00/card
  • Purchase the card at one of our branches
  • Initial load occurs at the time of purchase
  • Card may be reloaded at our branches or online at
  • Reloads are unlimited and cost only $2.00
  • Members activate the card by calling the Voice Response Unit at (877) 850-9650
  • Card is available for use 24 hours after initial activation
  • View your card account at
  • Card can hold any amount between $100 and $5,000
  • Lost or stolen cards may be replaced
  • Transactions are signature-based or PIN-based