MAFCU@School is a program to help high school kids learn the importance of financial education through hands on experience.


Education First:

Focusing on your future!

Meadville Area Federal Credit Union offers traditional financial products and services as well as financial products and services that are specific to the educational community. Meadville Area Federal Credit Union is committed to educating our membership and the community about the importance of financial literacy. We offer products designed to assist our members in becoming better educated consumers of financial services.

Regardless of the need, regarless of the request, we've been there - and will continue to be there - to help schools, parents and their students succeed.

This program is provided by the National Endowment for Financial Education.  To learn more about the program and its roots please follow the link listed below.

How do I open an Account?

Opening an Account with the Meadville Area Federal Credit Union is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the link below to get started today.

Currently the MAFCU@School program includes the following High Schools.  Please click on the school listed below to find out what's happening at their branch offices.

Participating Schools

Current Student Employees 

School Teacher Liaisons

Cochranton             Titusville

  • Teri Rose                  Angela Stromdahl

Would you like to be part of MAFCU@School?

If you would like your school to become involved in the MAFCU@School Program please contact the Meadville Area Federal Credit Union today at 814.336.2794.